9 January: Dark ambient duo album Framheim with Anders Berg is out HERE

29 December: The album Three Sixteen L, with  five "post-orchestrated" solo improvisations is out HERE

25 September: The Leif (Magnus Tenge/Tellef Øgrim) released an EP called But you Move On, containing five unique originals, featuring the amazing Per  Oddvar Johansen on drums. (Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple, YT, +++) Visit the live stream from the release party at Oslo's Kafé Hærverk 19 October HERE

Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg just did THIS Watch YouTube teaser HERE

New duo album named Mining the Duo with the fabulous Dutch drummer Onno Govaert

Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg play BrÖtz, Gothenburg with Harri Sjöström, March 18 (Cancelled due to the Coronavirus)

November 2019

Concert video of Henrik Helstenius / Tellef Øgrim at Lillelyd, Klosterenga Cafe, Oslo November 17 2019

October 2019

New solo track for improvised fretless baritone guitar at Soundcloud.

Henrik Hellstenius and Tellef Øgrim play a duo set at Lillelyd, Oslo, November 17

September 25. the label Hærverk Industrier released our live album (Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg + Harri Sjöström)

An installation by Mugetuft duo (Knudsen/Øgrim), commissioned by Factory Light festival in Slemmestad, was shown September 13. and 14.

MOCKBA, a recording of a duo set with drummer Peeter Uuskyla from the DOM 20 Festival in Moscow May 2019, is out at

May 2019

Improvised duo set with Dutch drummer Onno Govaert at Q-factory in Amsterdam May 11. at 15:45

Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg plays at the opening day of DOM Cultural Centre festival in Moscow May. 19.

Oslo's Kafé Hærverk launch vinyl label. A live recording of Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg with Harri Sjöström will be the label's third release.

Working on audio-visual art installation inspired by recycling at Fossekleiva kultursenter with Peter Knudsen, opening June 15.

March 2019

Sound-tracking, producing and composing for school show at Stovner vgs.

(21 May 2018)

Simlas releases Oslo Hærverk, recorded at Kafé Hærverk in Oslo by Uuskyka Øgrim & Berg


(11 May 2018)

Simlas releases The Leif by the guitar duo The Leif (Magnus Tenge/Tellef Øgrim



(6 December 2017)

Simlas releases Circle by Gunnar Backman and Silencia by Gunnar Backman / Anders Berg


(24 November 2017)

Simlas releases LAIV by Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg


(1 November 2017)

Simlas releases Dope Regards by The Sonic E


(1 September 2017)

Simlas produksjoner releases Tellef's new, acoustic solo-album named What Is It


(12 August  2017)

Freejazzblog reviews Ullr


(27 March 2017)

salt peanuts  reviews Ullr


(8 February 2017)

AllAboutJazz reviews Ullr


(31 January 2017) reviews Ullr.


(17 January 2017)

Ullr is available for streaming. At Amazon and Bandcamp, also as CD.


(13 January 2017)

Simlas produksjoner releases the album Ullr with Peeter Uuskyla / Anders Berg / Tellef Øgrim Trio.

AllAboutJazz features a tune from the record.


 (14 November 2016)

Simlas produksjoner releases the album PassiveAggressive by the Swedish band RatedX (Patrik Ehrnborg guitars Mike Lloyd trumpet & electronics Johan Björklund drums & electronics)


Tellef 's second solo album, following up Some Dodos Never Die (2004), is named Fat Fit, and is out on Simlas Produksjoner here. (9 September 2016)


The Leif plays at ÖN-festivalen, Morgondagens Ekologiska Öl-kafe, Bicks Smart Environment, St. Hallvards Bistro, Hendriken (2016)


Avant Music News writes about KÖLEN:

"’s possible to hear in these largely hard-edged pieces an aural image of craggy stone thrust up into thin, twilit air" reviews KÖLEN


Kölen is out


The Leif plays at the veranda


Tellef discusses music business with himself


Ung Pike Forsvunnet goes to Nesbyen