Tellef Øgrim


Peeter Uuskyla / Tellef Øgrim / Anders Berg

"....it’s possible to hear in these largely hard-edged pieces an aural image of craggy stone thrust up into thin, twilit air" - AvantMusicNews

"...the pair have created a fine album of improvised duo pieces,.."- Freejazzblog.org

"....the normal displaced and alienated into something strange" AavantMusicNews reviewing my new solo album

Is out at

".... for those of us who never got a grip of this genre listening to this record is hard work....the only thing that makes me understand that a new song has started is the space of a few seconds between the tracks...it was very hard to stay concentrated throughout an hour of this." - Hamar Arbeiderblad:

"I have to say, that name is just fucking terrible, but ok, let’s go with it", writes Joel Elliot at Cokemachineglow reviewing Musiconspiracy's Do I the In

New Trio:

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