13 October: Red Lamplight On The Red Brick Wall reviewed by Salt Peanuts

10 October: Peeter Uuskyla Tellef Øgrim Anders Berg and Harri Sjöström at Kafé Hærverk

30 September: Live recording with Ayumi Tanaka and Per Oddvar Johansen released by Jazztrau

17-18 September: Outdoor audiovisual installation by Mugetuft Out Into This Light shown at Factory Light Festival, Dikemark Asker

10-12 September: Outdoor audiovisual installation by Mugetuft Som Hvitt Vann shown at Fossekleiva Art Center 

15 June: The first tune out from The Leif's upcoming release is online

10 June: One of the first events after Kafé Hærverk opens after Corona close-down is the debut of an improvising trio consisting of Tellef Øgrim, Ayumi Tanaka and Per Oddvar Johansen

22 February: Noise/atmospheric duo with Anders Berg puts out three Bandcamp albums over the first two months of 2021 HERE

29 December: The album Three Sixteen L, with  five "post-orchestrated" solo improvisations is out HERE

17 November:  Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg release a new album with sax player Per Anders Nilsson

25 September: The Leif (Magnus Tenge/Tellef Øgrim) released an EP called But you Move On, containing five unique originals, featuring the amazing Per  Oddvar Johansen on drums. (Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple, YT, +++) Visit the live stream from the release party at Oslo's Kafé Hærverk 19 October HERE

Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg just did THIS

dcamp.com. Watch YouTube teaser HERE

A new duo album with the fabulous  Dutch drummer Onno Govaert is released by simlas.bandcamp.com (and on your preferred streaming service)

WØJT (Jan Wiese/Tellef Øgrim) released a new Bandcamp album 

Bandcamp release:  Uuskyla Øgrim Berg & Sjöström, live in Oslo, September 2019

Concert video of Henrik Helstenius / Tellef Øgrim at Lillelyd, Klosterenga Cafe, Oslo November 17 2019



Improvising trio with Ayumi Tanaka (p) and Per Oddvar Johansen (d). Live recording released 30 September 2021

Tellef Øgrim and Onno Govaert met on stage in Amsterdam's Q-Factory in May 2019 during the Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival for an impromptu, unrehearsed improvised set. Following the onset of the Coronavirus attach the following year chapter two of the collaboration took place in the form of six audio files, three from each musician, being sent from one computer to the other via the Internet. Tellef then played on Onno's recordings and vice versa. The result is the album Mining the Duo, witch is due to come out by August 2020.

Trio with Peeter Uuskyla, Tellef Øgrim, and Anders Berg. Released their first album Ullr 13 January 2017.  The record contains six tracks of intense improvised energy dedicated to the lively and nature-loving Norse god Ullr. A concert recording from BrÖtz in Gothenburg, titled LAIV, was released in November the same year followed in April 2018 by Oslo Hærverk.


Critical Reception

The Leif

First album, 2018

The Leif is an electric guitar-oriented band from Oslo. A self-titled debut album containing ten melody-driven tracks was released at Simlas produksjoner (CD, streaming, download and vinyl) 2018. Their second release (2020) is titled But you move on.  Check out the band's website.


Berger museum

Mugetuft is an audio/visual collective, exploring the relationship between live sound and live visuals. The project’s main idea is that the visual and audible means of expression shall be independent and at the same time inter-dependent of each other in order to achieve a tight and organic integration of sound and image. In Mugetuft audio should accompany the visuals as much as visuals accompany the audio. Check out this side of my work at mugetuft.no

Hellstenius / Øgrim

Henrik Hellstenius and Tellef Øgrim have been playing together in different bands and projects since the 1980ties. Now they have gotten together to explore sounds and sentiments in their combined bags, instruments, circuits and the general condition of weather, the day's form and the current position of stars and planets in this improvised duo. Henrik: electronics, Tellef: guitars. Watch concert video HERE

Anders Berg / Tellef Øgrim Duo

Simlas produksjoner

Tellef Øgrim / Anders Berg Duo make abstract improvised music bordering European art music withe basses, guitars, electronics and other sound sources. Berg (SE) and Øgrim (NO) have their combined backgrounds from jazz and rock and have met and played for the first time in a guitar festival in den Haag.

Go to Bandcamp to listen to the duo's releases.

Simlas produksjoner is an open-minded record label with a leaning towards improvised music.

Besides building up our own unique catalogue of first-time releases we also re-release a selection of earlier released albums.

Simlas is maintained by Anders Berg, Funäsdalen, Sweden.


My Bandcamp page

Three Sixteen L (2020)

Some Dodos Never Die (2004)

What Is It (2017)

Fat Fit - Solos for Guitars (2016)

Listen to a Spotify playlist with Tellef's music (bands, project and solo work).


WØJT is a duo with long-time musician friend Jan Wiese, who plays oboe, English horn, midi wind controller, and live electronics. Our first release, Undreaming,

was released in November 2018. A second album will be out digitally in April 2020.

Tellef at Discogs