Peeter Uuskyla Tellef Øgrim Duo May 19 2019 DOM Cultural Centre 20th year anniversary festval, Moscow.

Uuskyla Ørim & Berg at BrÖtz, Gothenburg 2017

Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg at BrÖtz, Gothenburg 2017

Track from The Leif's self titled duo album (2018)

The last seconds of my first ever encounter with the fabolous Dutch drummer Onno Govaert at Q-factory in Amsteram May 2019

With Magnus Tenge (The Leif) at private party 2017

Recording with The Leif

Several videos of the audio-visual collective Mugetuft are available via this link (performances) or this (studio works).

With Rick Walker and Per Boysen in Oslo 2008

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