Ullr (Peeter Uuskyla / Anders Berg / Tellef Øgrim) Simlas 2017

Fat Fit - Solos for Guitars Simlas 2017

November, Kume, Kölen (Tellef Øgrim / Anders Berg) Simlas  2014/15/16)

Skatten i skrinet (single UPF 2013), Kraften i oss to (single UPF 2012), Ung Pike Forsvant (single UPF 2015)

ANX (with Mugetuft) (KøProd 2013)

Left At The Self Bar  (DidSheKnitThatHat 2013)

HYSJ for Radio and Fretless Guitars (DidSheKnitThatHat 2013)

Giddyup (Live at Paard) (DidSheKnitThatHat 2012)

What's Wrong with Now? (Nottwo records 2012)

Do I the In? (Nottwo records 2008)

Wagon 8 (Curling Legs 2007)

Some Dodos Never Die (DidSheKnitThatHat 2004)

Libido (HotClubRecords 1987)

Wake Me when the Moon comes up (With Duck Spin) (Fablos 1998)

Uppercut (with UPF) (It Is 1985)

Ung Pike Forsvunnet (With UPF) (Snowflake 1982)

Tor i korridor (single Yenan) Mai 1977

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